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looking for fashion nova?

Fashion Nova: Hello guys, looking for fashion styles?  Dresses?  Then you are on a right place, And you can find thousands of fashion nova designs, and fashion styles. Here are the top five outfits that I love and want to show you. You can check out more details and fashion styles 2020 here.

1) Trench Coat-Fashion Nova

First one comes from fashion nova. I purchase this trench suit from fashion nova store.  Actually I don’t own any other trench coat except this one. This was really very big on the runway this season,  And i was super in this trend when I saw it.

fashion nova trench coat

It totally fits my personal style, to be a little bit of edgy, and almost like. This season I went down for this trench coat because I love it. The one that I have picked up from fashion nova is the perfect spring version, Because its super transitional.

fsion nova trench coat2

This not like that super heavy trench coat that you are thinking right now its very cool,sassy and fancy.Its like a very thick material its quality is super good. Click here for fashion essay.

This is so cool with a pair of denim with boots or sandals. You can wear this in the early fall too Because its little bit of cold. I love that the style is versatile and transitional. I think that the trench coat trend is really cool.

2) Cardigans-Fashion Nova

The cardigans have made a huge comeback, And I feel like they are use to be like sort of dorky. So I have this pink one. Which is super cute, Bright just like pastels. This one is from fashion nova. Its not like a true cardigan. Its just like a t-shirt style of a  cardigan, Which I have been seeing a lot. But I actually love this because its super cute and cool especially in spring season.

fashion nova cardigan

This one have the hugs or you can wear it as a top. You don’t have tone literal with any trend.This one that I’m showing you right now is a very cool cardigan. You can wear it as a top as well. I purchase this from fashion nova as its been a big seller in the united states.  And this is mad of a same material.


This is a super cool and very true cardigan. It looks very cool over a white body suit or a black body suit.  And something else is the fun with these cardigans is people tie them on the shoulders and under one arm. That’s a really cool and a trendy style. I also have a lavender one like a purple one.  All these are sun bright colors looks very cool.

3) Oversize graphic tees-Fashion Nova

I choose this because in spring white is like a lighter one and a good color with designs and graphics. I have bunch of Harley t-shirts which I have also purchased from fashion nova.


All those are pretty dark not good for this season, But anyways I like them.  I like these kind of oversize graphic  tees, As you can see a big graphic design on the shirt which looks very amazing and cool.

I found this very cool and sassy.  You can wear this with any denim pants in addition,  with boots or white sneakers. It looks very perfect with blue denim jeans and a white boots with a pretty black glasses.


The material is also very good.  I have been wearing this non-stop that I have purchased from fashion nova. The pricing of these shirts very cool. Its almost like $23. And I believe its very reasonable  for that. Its kind a casual or street style dress. You can wear this according to your personality.  They are really comfortable you would be really obsessed with them.

looking for sandals?

4) Flip Flop/Sandals heels

Now i’m gonna show you some 2020 fashion trends sandals. Flip flop sandals are the most fancy and super trending shoes in 2020 for this spring. And I am here for it, Because what’s really nice about this trend is they are very comfortable while walking.


Its very different then local heels. Because its so much easy to walk in. I actually don’t like heels because they are not made for me, But this one which I purchased from fashion nova is the perfect heel  that fits on trend. Because it’s a low heel and very comfortable to walk and go outside with friends birthday parties.


They are like edgy, cute, and cool. This is basically a black flip flop sandal from fashion nova. The style of the sandal is very good and super cool. You can wear these  shoes with denim, skirt or any sassy dress.  These are on trends you should have try this at least once. I’m in support of this style of heels. Click here for more details.

5) Sneakers

The last one which I want to show is sneakers. Sneakers are one my favorite collection. And I really love them.  We wear sneakers all over a year around. They just go with you and suits every dress whether its denim pants , skirts or a street  dress.


The first one is very classic which I have purchase from fashion nova.  That one is the Nicky air-force one. They are all white you can wear these sneakers with any dress you like. These sneakers are very cool and extremely  comfortable, Similarly you can walk four days in it.


If you don’t have Nicky air-force one I would recommend you badly to purchase them from fashion nova store. And the next one is the dad Adidas sneakers which are super cool. Helps you walk comfortable I also purchase them from fashion nova, Because this is all about fashion nova. In addition, you can check dressing style, fashion style and dresses on our website here.

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