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Fashion Nova Curve-2020 Spring Fashion Trends

Fashion Nova Curve 2020 Spring Fashion Trends

Which One Are You In These Fashion Styles and Fashion Nova Curve?

 2020 Spring Fashion Trends -Fashion Nova Curve: I’m going to explain them all about fashion nova styles to you guys and show you how I have styled them already and how I would style them. It’s just going be a good kick off towards the season, Get some inspiration on trends and why you want to style.

These trends are those which I have pulled from runway and picked up from 2020 spring summer collection voyage edition. Check the trend and fashion nova curve for more details.

This one have tons of information that how you should style and how to style? and I have studied this, Some of them comes from this book,runway and research some of them are actually. That I love by the necessary media or anything but there are still things that I love.

Try All Fashion Styles

I’m going to wear all of them and you can find different fashion styles with pictures here and i will share with you guys sometimes the thing on the runway or trend don’t work for me or I don’t like them and there are others things that I do like them that they are on trends I figure it out and share them all of these that I’m showing you today. Fashion nova curve collection is the best collection ofdresses in the united states.

So the first trend that I want to share with you guys is nothing ground breaking and it is very predictable but it is pastels

1) Pastels-Fashion Nova Curve Style

Every spring pastels are in, I think it just seems like the most fitting time of your colors obviously lends itself to summer well, But as soon spring hits everybody make things in pastels and I just want to buy everything in pastels. If you are looking for a fall winter 2020 fashion trends then you are on a perfect page.

You can wear it in the any perfect time of the years for those color ways. And I’m going to share a little bit of my favorite colors pastels palate and my favorite pieces. Pastels are the most beautiful collection for spring with a little touch of fashion nova curve collection.

So, the first thing I want to share with you guys is this really cute fuzzy crop top so I love this for spring  because I feel like its sweeter material and a tin top and a little bit transitional a little bit of warm and a little bit of cold it’s a beautiful baby blue, dusty blue color.


This is probably one of my favorite pastels for the season so I’m all in for the  baby blue and this is just like super cute and casual prepared with fashion nova jeans denim made, with a skirt sneaker white boots and anything like that just like fresh and flirty and fun and then as I mentioned my gravity toward green because green is my favorite color

fashion essay

So I have this sweeter that I have styled on my Instagram that I will show you here and I love this piece again because it’s a little bit of transitional spring and for different seasons a lot of different places in Los Angeles here it’s pretty warm but I still have worn this spring and just to become little bit cooler you are going with a sweeter instead of tin top is a good idea obviously.

Another huge pastel color is the season is the pastel sherbet shore way color for the season really light oranges pinks and I’m really into like creamy baby yellow color. Pretty much anything in pastels you can go wrong so I suggest to pick it up like lavender baby blue siege green creamy yellow  baby pink anything like that can be super cool for spring and really fun on any trend on my opinion.

2) Two Tone Denim-Fashion Style

The second trend that I want to share with you guys if one my favorite and I started wearing in late this winter I’m definitely keep it in spring and  summer sop that trend is two tone denim. Peoples first check fashion nova curve before they order

It is just like a playful and fun for winter and its more fitting for spring but you can obviously wear at any time in the year if you like it I picked up this two tone denim from pack sent recently and I love this for spring.

fashion nova

it’s a nice white crisp color which is little bit of bray and lighter in are then a darker denim and they have the lay wash blue two tone detail that goes over the waist paint fashion 2020 on the sides they are like mom jean Fay which is also a huge trend this year in general and I’ll be wearing it all seasons so I love this trend especially for spring its feel like very fitting and its appears so cool with pastels.

fashion nova curve

if you don’t have two tone denim I would recommend them to get this and you can use and it last the whole year as far as trend goes. So this is another pair that I have  this one is white and black so can wear it in spring and summer this is different pattern then earlier one and the pocket are two toned which is really amazing.

fashion nova dressing

I love this trend because it feels like the denim of the pair of pants so much more fun. And it’s give you really unique details as compare to fashion nova curve styles. And its photographs very well Because its bold.

3) Statements sleeves/Romantic blouses-Fashion Style

This is another trend which I feel like is in every season year for spring and summer. I honestly love statements sleeves in falling winter for the holidays. We own this trend all over this year because I love it.

fashion style 2020

I think it’s so beautiful and eminent reminds me of spring. It may be edgy so fits like my personal stuff a little bit better this is top that I recently picked up from ZARA. It just got the two toned thing going on. So, these on has black and cream sleeves are like tolls and Ganza style.

new fashion trend

It’s more eminent and more spring dress. It’s so beautiful  that I love that color. Statements sleeves really big and puffy look very amazing easy to wear. You can wear it with a straight pair of denim, mini skirt boots or booty.

new fashion trend 2020

You can use little sandals whatever you like it. Usually, We use fashion nova curve for it. But can wear it as much as you like to wear it. Which i will post on my next article.

4) Tie-Dye-Fashion Style

The next trend is that love and glad to know that its coming back. so that is tie-dye. I have this amazing sweet suit my friend made for me.

nova dresses collection

The tie-dye is so good, amazing and easily wearable it reminds me of growing up. I love this because I have like t-shirts rompers tie dye. This one is more sassy and beautiful as compare to fashion nova curve collection.

new dresses

This really cool because it’s kind of pleased. The exact outfit but the tie-die trends kind of style comes from 70’s trend. That have been really big on a runway season. And I personally like that style instead of street style so I love that tie-dye sweet suit.

5) Sweat suit-Fashion Style

The trends that I really love, I wear this all seasons. I wore my whole life and I will be going to wear the whole year. But it’s very uptrend right now it’s amazing so, that is sweet suits. And I have this one.

swet shirt

This from the playboy pack sent collection. I wanted to shop you guys beacons its hits the pastels trend which I have talked about earlier. So, this is like creamy, yellow almost a butter color and it’s got the sweets like an oversize t-shirt.

swet shirt

The same color and branding you could take more true and do like hoods. This tie-dye one which would be on trend. Check out fashion nova curve on our home page. You can wear this with sneakers and boots which captures the whole vibes.

Basically, sweats in general are in the season which is amazing in the trend and stylish. You can wear it with sneakers or boots or if you are daring you can dress up with heels.

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